Now that you have a website, you can enjoy the hundreds of thousands of visitors daily admiring your handy work (or the handy work of your web designer).  If you have products or service to offer, you will start seeing the cash flow from your product or service any minute. You know you have made the right decision to get a website. Now it becomes a waiting game. 

 OK,  a month has past or maybe two, and no one has contacted you about your product/service.  I told all my friends about my new website and asked them to tell others, but still no one contacts you. All that work to make my website very dynamic and responsive has gone to waste.  If you had a web designer prepare your site, you are upset with him (or her) because no one is responding to your new and wonderful website. 

The truth of the matter is, "just because you have a website doesn't mean people know who or where your are on the vast world wide web. (The internet for short)  Look at it this way,  I visit the beaches in California whenever ever I can and when I go there is plenty of sand for me to sink my toes into.  If someone added one grain of sand on that beach tomorrow it is safe to say that I wouldn't even notice let alone care because there are plenty of sand there already for me to enjoy.

Websites are like grains of sand on the beach. There are plenty of them for my pleasure to enjoy it's news, pictures, videos, products and services that are available to me 24 hours a day.  Just like the grains of sand on the beach, if another website was to appear on the internet, I would never know nor care because there are plenty of websites already online ready to serve my needs.

So why have one, you may ask.  Just as I said in my last blog, Importance of a Website for your Business, " A website provides a 24/7 look into your business."  When you are not in the office, at home, on vacation, or while your sleeping, your website is working 24/7 providing the necessary  info everyone wants to know about any business.  What's that? Well, just about everything there is to know about your company or business.   What does your business do or have?  Where are you located? What are you selling? What service do you provide? If you have a product to sell, you can sell that product even after your brick and mortar store closes.

So, how do I distinguish my website from all the others on the internet? How will my one grain of sand stand out amongst the rest? Search Engine Optimization.  SEO for short, and the topic of my next blog.

Christopher Rhodes
IT Services Specialist
& Web Developer